Timber Headings:

In special circumstances when other techniques are not suitable we can install timber headings and steel headings. When space is restricted, or services rule out open cut, this specialised hand dug technique can be utilised. While only suitable for short distances it has the advantage of being able to change direction to avoid obstructions or follow a specific feature.

We have utilised this method to determine extent of historic basements extending under the highway, investigate leaks in a rainwater harvesting system, install a new sewer connection for a supermarket under an embargoed highway, to provide a temporary secondary access to an existing basement.

B&Ws extensive fleet of equipment is available to hire, including:

Tunnel Boring Machines & EPB TBMs: Akkerman, Tunnel Engineering, 1500, 1800 & 2100 diameters, ventilation systems

Microtunnelling: Iseki MTBMs 600, 1000, 1200, 1500 & 1800 diameters, control cabins, separation plants

Pipejacking accessories: Power packs, Hydraulic rams & cradles, track, umbilicals, trapdoor & sealed skips, winches & bogies, tunnel lasers

Auger Boring & Rock Boring: Akkerman & Barbco rigs, power packs, Robbins & Tunnel Engineering heads, SBUs & MSBUs, 300 to 1500 diameter, auger drills, track

Guided Auger: Akkerman & Tunnel Engineering GBMs for 150-600 diameters, PCHs in 450 & 600, power packs, guidance systems, casings & drills

Shaft Sinking: Specialist jacks & fixings, ladder bays, access systems, man riders, davit arms, curved scaffold systems, caulking baskets, ventilation systems

B&Ws in house fabrication capacity enables us to offer bespoke solutions.

Please contact us to discuss your specialist requirements.