B&W offer the facility to construct pre-cast concrete [PCC] segmental shafts from 1.8m to 25m in diameter in a wide variety of ground conditions. These can be installed by underpinning or caisson methods depending on the ground conditions and size of shaft.

Shafts are often used for storage and pumping stations, they can be used in place of deep sheeted pits for pipejacking operations, for launching and receiving TBMs, micro tunnelling equipment, guided auger boring or even timber headings.

B&W specialist shaft sinking equipment includes specialist jacks, access & ladder bays, man riders, grouting systems, ventilation & more.

B&W also install sheet piled pits and cofferdams, when a segmental shaft is not necessarily required. One such notable shaft was 8.5m deep installed just 0.15m from the foundations of a 30m tall listed chimney, which required monitoring 24/7 for movement.